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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Catching a Glimpse of the Impressive Devon Waterfall

Even though human are slashing and destroying the natural beauty of the world, still there are many wonderful nature creations are proudly standing in Sri Lanka. Among many nature wonders, Devon Waterfall is one of popular waterfalls, which has an incredible scenery and awe-inspiring power of water and is located in Talawakele, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. This dramatic waterfall is known as the “Veil of the Valley” because of its unique formation and it is with an impressive height of 97 meters.
Devon Waterfall is the 19th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the name of “Devon” derives from a pioneer English coffee planter called Devon. Travelers can easily reach this Devon Waterfall via Avissawella – Nuwara Eliya A7 Highway and it is located at a convenient location where anyone can make a stop. But if you want to have adventurous things, you have to find the top of the falls through Dimbula – Nawalapitiya road. The base of the Devon Waterfall is also another dramatic location there and travelers can reach it via lush tea estates. It is located some 500 meters down. However, the best, enormous and attractive views of Devon Waterfall can be captured by viewing from Dimbula, where has a dedicated viewing platform. While travelling by a train on the Kandy to Nuwata Eliya line (rail tracks closer to Waagoda) also, travelers can enjoy the fascinating views of this Devon Waterfall. Not only that, but travelers can view these amazing sceneries of this fall from the hamlet of Midigama.
Therefore, travelers those who to lost in greenery  and water world, Nuwara Eliya and Ratnapura areas are some of best areas in Sri Lanka and this Devon Waterfall is one of the best destinations. And there are many other noteworthy things of bio diversity to see and enjoy there including Bambarakanda Waterfall, Bakers Waterfall, St Clairs Waterfall and Diyaluma Waterfall. And there is wide range of eco-friendly affordable and best Nuwara Eliya hotels and Ratnapura Hotels available, out of endless selection of Hotels in Sri Lanka. So, it’s time to get in touch with one of planet’s mightiest nature creations; Devon Waterfall.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sinhala and Tamil new year

Historically Sinhala Aluth Avurudda was celebrated in the Kandyan Kingdom as a national festival under the patronage of the ancient kings. The day of Avurudu was fixed in keeping with the rituals. The astrologers used to worked out Nekath (auspicious times) to perform the traditional rituals for good luck, prosperity and happiness for the people and kingdom.
The morning of Avurudda brings about social customs and good behaviour of the Sinhala people. In past people being farmers, used to complete their major harvest "Maha" and the Avurudu was the time to give thanks. The customs and rituals portray the beliefs and thinking of the people whose life is centred around agriculture. Rituals connected with Aluth Avurudda commence with bathing on the last day of the old year (Parana Avurudda) and viewing the moon on the same night. In the village temple, the pealing of the bell accompanied with the beating of drums (Hewisi) make the people aware of the times to perform different rituals.
Children offer betel to parents to show gratitude AND PARENTS PRAY AND GIVE BLESSINGS
People visit the temple during the time of "Sanskranthi" the transitional believed to be non auspicious times (Nekath) for any other thing. It is also called "Nonagathe" since its time to pray and get blessings from the monks and god it is also called "Punniya Kale"
People put on new clothes (Avurudu Kumaraya) to signify that dawn of the New Year.
The begining of the year is seen by women as auspicious to commence their work at their homes. They start the work by facing to the specific direction light the stove/hearth to begin the preparation of traditional Kiribath. Before this they keep milk in a new terracota pot to boil so as that it spills over from all sides of the pot this symbolizes prosperity. They cook along with a curry called "Hath Maluwa" which has has seven different flavours. People also make several other sweat foods during this festive season.
During the days of the Kandyan Kingdom, the anointing of oils and Nanu (Herbal mixture) was done before taking the ceremonial bath. This was a feature during the new year, showing the patronage of the Kings. It was their special interest taken by them to look after the health of the people. The anointing ceremony was planned as a religious ceremony by the royal Nekath Mohottala, who would directly supervise it in accordance with his instructions. The royal physician prepares the oils as well as Nanu (herbal mixture) for applying on the head before taking a bath in the new year.
The applying of Nanu is done only on Wednesday because it is on that day "Nanumuraya" is performed at Sri Dalada Maligawa and also at four devales in Kandy. Nanumuraya is meant for bathing the deities in the far off devales. This is performed in the form of a symbolic manner to bathe the four guardian deities of Lanka. The preparation of oils and the herbal mixture are done by extracting the juices from herbal leaves, flowers and fruits (seeds). The oils and juices are poured into 1000 small clay pots and then taken on the day before the New Year to Nath Devale Hewisi Maduwa.
The officials from Sri Dalada Maligawa, three other devales, outstation devales, Raja Maha Viharas, and 65 royal listed places assemble at Natha Devala. The Kariyakorala of Sri Dalada Maligawa then distributes the oils and Nanu among those gathered who in turn take them in procession to their respective places of worship. These preparations are distributed among the people who use them on the day of the application of oil and Nanu anointing before bathing.
This practice continues to this day. The reason for the selection of Natha Devala was because of the belief that God Natha had curative power and hence Natha Devala was selected as the venue for the distribution of oils and Nanu.
Sinhala Aluth Avurudda cannot be classified as a religious festival. However customs and rituals associated with Aluth Avurudda have been fashioned according to Buddhist beliefs.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Keep Waterdrops falling on your head - Bambarakanda Waterfall

Are you excited to discover the wonderful and the tallest nature creation more than just a pretty waterfall in Sri Lanka? Bambarakanda Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and it’s one of best picturesque waterfalls that impress travelers with its might, height and its dramatic location. This spectacular waterfall is located in Badulla district, Sri Lanka and it is 241 meters in height. And it has been recognized as the 299th highest waterfall in the world. Due to its impressive height, incredible scenery and awe-inspiring power of water, it has been more popular among worldwide travelers.

This Bambarakanda Waterfall is formed by a stream called “Kuda Oya” which starts from Horton Plains above. The path of this Bambarakanda Waterfall also gives the excitement to the tourists due to it has winds and snakes its way across a dramatic scenery with massive mountain ranges and lush plains stalking the route. And also this path has a calm sight with many streams and rivers. So, through the lush greenery and crossing a quaint bridge that shines over a cascading stream, travelers will have a short walk to this beautiful Bambarakanda Waterfall. At this beautiful destination, travelers can enjoy and experience the non-stop spray of icy water. Not only that, but they also have a rock pool at the base of this waterfall during the dry season. During the dry season, it’s a bather friendly waterfall.  Noisy sound of falling water of this waterfall during it is in full swing and high spray of the water which reminding the cooling power of water are some of significant things of this Bambarakanda Waterfall. And the beauty of the majestic cascading falls which are created and heightened by the gushing water nonstop bouncing off rock shelves on its way down is one of best view of this Bambarakanda Waterfall.

Therefore, travelers who wish to feel the power of the planet's mightiest waterfalls, Bambarakanda Waterfall in Sri Lanka will be a best travel destination. Would you like to view and enjoy any other waterfalls which give indescribable feeling of pleasure; by its constant beating, it quickens the circulation and provides a fine glow all over the body; and has, besides, in Sri Lanka? Bakers WaterfallDevon WaterfallSt Clairs Waterfall and Diyaluma Waterfall are some of them. And there is wide range of eco-friendly affordable and best Nuwara Eliya hotels and Ratnapura Hotels available, out of endless selection of Hotels in Sri Lanka. Thus, be hastening, it’s time to get hooked easily on one of roaring natural wonders; Bambarakanda Waterfall!

Pasikuda Beach – An Idyll for Making Your Toes Happy

Checking a best dramatic landscape with a ring of white sand, to spend your holiday? Out of many spectacular and beautiful beaches around the world, Pasikuda Beach is an attractive beach in Asia, located in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Not only the picturesque sights, but Pasikuda Beach is a perfect family-friendly sandy spot also with wide sand, calm waves and easily accessible amenities. So, for the travelers who are seeking a beach which has picturesque views and is family-friendly beach, Pasikuda Beach will be idylls to enjoy.
Beautiful Pasikuda lies between Kalkudah and Indian Ocean, with thirty five kilometers from Batticaloa town in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. With shallow and crystal clear water, golden bay, coral reefs, palm trees and white sand and how great this nature creation makes pleasure to spend the leisure time freely, of not having to look both ways to cross the street before feeling the sand between the toes of yours! One of significant thing of this Pasikuda Beach is that it let beach lovers to walk 50m out to sea and parents can let their kid to enjoy at this beach also. And throughout the year, the beach is crowded by local as well as foreign beach lovers due to it’s a nest place to have many water activities such as kite surfing, boogie boarding to surfing, snorkeling and sailing across in a canoe, while it is able to have a safe environment for swimming. As Pasikuda Beach is with the attraction of surfing the waves, pulling off cool systems, jumping high off the wave and spinning in the air, during the seasons, it is a popular beach of water surfing sportsmen and women as well as it is an ideal destination for the beginners in water surfing too.
If you’re looking for have your next warm-weather escape, this is an unspoiled beach with many unobstructed views, Pasikuda Beach is the perfect destination to experience sun bath and also it is a best holiday venue to have diving to surfing, opt of abundant displays of marine life, to walk along the long shallow coastline and enjoy the pristine sandbank.
Therefore, to return home with “got-there-first bragging rights”, add Pasikuda Beach for your Sri Lanka’s journey! And, not only this captivating destination, but there are many other attractions can be discovered in Batticaloa also, including Kalkudah Beach, Kallady Beach and Batticaloa Fort. All these wonders in eastern Province can be enjoyed while relaxing at best and affordable Hotels & Accommodations in Batticaloa, out of endless selection of Hotels in Batticaloa which are culturally and architecturally distinctive.

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Flourishing Horticultural Oasis - Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Have you known that you can see the culture of the country, when you see a garden? As the country has chosen to import and show off the plants at the garden that how it wants to be seen, the horticultural oasis reflects its culture too. Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is one of best travel destinations in Sri Lanka to experience its horticultural hot spots. And it makes to return with fresh perspectives too. Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the largest botanical gardens in the country, which is located in Kandy, Central Province in Sri Lanka. And the longest river of Sri Lanka, called Mahaweli River also flows nearby this fantastic eco destination, and that gives a picturesque view too.  
Even though, this garden displays abundant flora species, it is popular for the beautiful collection the variety of Orchids. More than 300 varieties of Orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palms trees are recorded and this beautiful garden spreads over 147 acres. Before turning this destination to a botanical garden, it was a royal pleasure garden of King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe during the time of 1747-80. This Peradeniya Botanical Gardens was formed by Alexander Moon in 1821. There are about 4,000 species of plants, occupies 146 acres and 150 acres of trees, lawns and flowering shrubs recorded at this attractive oasis. And floriculture conservation, butterfly conservation, birdlife conservation and insect conservation are some of significant as well as wonderful things of this garden. Some of main attractions at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are Mahaweli River, palms, orchids’ collections, gymnosperms, an Octagon Conservatory, fernery, banks of giant bamboo from Burma and numerous flower borders with cannas, hibiscus, chrysanthemums, croton, colorful bougainvillea and an artificial lake in the shape of the island of Sri Lanka. And also, visitors can explore several avenues near by the Mahaweli River Bank of this garden, such as Double coconut Avenue, Cook’s Pine Avenue, Cabbage Avenue, Palmyra Palm Avenue and Royal Palm Avenue. Not only plant life, but there are many wild lives can be found too. It is recorded this Peradeniya Botanical Gardens has around 80 bird species, 15 amphibian species and 18 species of mammals. However, for a particularly spectacular experience, visitors should plan a visit starting after the month of March, which is the time that new flowers are blooming.
Therefore, travelers who wish to enjoy hiking, bird watching, discovering butterflies and colorful flowers and experience the cool environment, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka will be a best travel destination. In addition to this picturesque location, there are many noteworthy gardens and parks to discover in Sri Lanka, such as Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Henarathgoda Botanical Gardens, Victoria Park and Viharamahadevi Park. And travelers can find a best relaxation spot, since there is a wide range of eco-friendly affordable and best Kandy hotels available at Hotels in Sri Lanka. Therefore, no matter what you prefer on the floral front, this Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is well worth a trip.

Magnificent and Incontestably Picturesque Fall – Bakers Waterfall

Would you like easily get hooked on some roaring natural wonders? Among various Sri Lanka’s beautiful waterfalls with their lofty heights and stunning powers, Bakers Waterfall is one of attractive roaring natural wonder. Within theHorton Plains National Park, Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka, this amazing nature creation is located.

British explorer Sir Samuel Baker accused by finding and naming this Bakers Waterfall. It is said that Sir Samuel had found this beautiful waterfall whilst he was trying to establish an agricultural settlement around that area. The Bakers Waterfall plunges 22 meters into the gorge below. To view the monstrously loud and the mist rising of this fall, visitors have to trek about 03 km from the Horton Plains National Park Information Center at its entrance. Or, visitors should select the right fork at the start of the World’s End path of Horton Plains National Park, to head reach this beautiful waterfall.

Not only the waterfall, but also the footpath towards the Bakers Waterfall is also attracting her visitors by the eco experience. Visitors lose themselves in cold, misty and grassy plains by passing a number of serene brooks and streams along the way. Travelers can enjoy several picturesque views near this fall. Her fallings over a wide rock into a valley covered with attractive and beautiful wild flowers such as Rhododendrons, Orchids and plentiful giant Fern bushes is one of breath-stealing views of Bakers Waterfall. Do you want to refresh and stimulate your mind, body and soul with a gentle sound of a waterfall? If so, this Bakers Waterfall will be one of your favorite travel destinations. This attractive Bakers Waterfall begins with a long pool which flows over, splitting into thousands of various streams. Halfway down, it creates the second smaller falls of Bakers Waterfall. These white curtains of water flow over three heights of smooth rock before plunging into the gorge below, is a magnificent view of nature creations.

Therefore, travelers who wish to feel the power of the planet's mightiest and most beautiful waterfalls, Bakers Waterfall in Sri Lanka will be a best travel destination. Would you like to view and enjoy any other amazing waterfalls in Sri Lanka? Bambarakanda WaterfallDevon WaterfallSt.Clair Waterfall and Diyaluma Waterfall are some of them. And there is wide range of eco-friendly affordable and best Nuwara Eliya hotels and Ratnapura Hotels available, out of endless selection of Hotels in Sri Lanka. Thus, it’s time to get hooked easily on one of roaring natural wonders; Bakers Waterfall! - See more at: