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Friday, October 28, 2016

The blues are back in Trinco

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Since the lost whales of Trinco were rediscovered in 2010, by a team of naturalists at ‘Cinnamon Nature Trails', numerous sightings of blue whales, sperm whales and dolphins have taken place making the season up in the East a rewarding experience. The great blue off the coast of Trincomalee seems to be a popular playground for these marvellous marine mammals during March through April each year.

As in previous years, the Cinnamon Nature Trails team is ready to take guests on a voyage that will almost guarantee a sighting of Whales and Dolphins including a glimpse of a super pod of Sperm whales often seen in Trinco during this period. With all safety measures in place and a crew well experienced to make your cruise pleasurable. The Eastern whale watch is set to begin shortly off the city by the sea.

Head of Eco Tourism for John Keells Resorts Chitral Jayatilake mentioned that all guests who will flock to Trinco this season for whale watching are welcome to submit tale fluke images for an ongoing Blue whale ID programme, while clear images once selected will be uploaded to a Flickr site with picture credit.

Chaaya Blu Trincomalee is situated just a few kilometres off Trincomalee and was built to reflect a retro chic design. Its strategic location gives guests the opportunity to experience these large marine mammals and the acrobatic spin of Dolphins just a few minutes away from the resort, or perhaps if one is lucky enough just at the very shores of the sea at Chaaya Blu. A selection of Beach Chalets, Superior rooms and two Suites make up a total of 81 rooms, with two restaurants; one specialized in seafood and two bars which cater to your every whim.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Cinnamon Wild Yala introduces ‘Dining in the Dark’ for the first time in South Asia!

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Imagine taking a night time stroll in the forest. The sounds and smells of nature accompanied by a refreshing breeze, the tingling sense of awareness from the quiet, the tangible dark that blankets your surroundings and sets your senses to an exquisite sense of consciousness; that thrill of the unexpected.  Now imagine dining in that darkness.  Exploring unchartered waters, Cinnamon Wild Yala stirs the mysterious territory of dining in the dark, personifying the day to day fine dining experience with a heady twist of sensory awareness. It is a sensual feast to the daring diner; a moment to feel completely alive with that special someone.  Upon arrival the property’s main bar ‘Pug Marks’, the diners are escorted to a secluded unlit dining area in the wilderness within the hotel guided by well-trained staff and offered a signature cocktail customized to the individual palates of the diners or the option of selecting from an extensive list of fine beverages. The dinner itself is a five course Prix fixe dinner that is a mystery menu that has the diners discovering the subtleties of flavors never thought of but taken for granted due to the distraction of sight.  With the flowing wine and the heady scents of food combined with the calls of surrounding nature, it is an experience that sets lasting impressions which are more of a soulful memory than an actual recollection, a moment to be felt than remembered.  

It is a process of eating, identifying, connecting the by identifying the distinctive flavors and textures that signify one dish from the other. The mystery menu is a careful selection of dishes bursting with flavor and is only constrained by dietary restrictions of the diners if any and informed by the client in advance inclusive of any vegetarian or vegan meal preferences. Even the table setting is arranged to heighten the culinary experience of the diner with much effort taken to minimize the visual impact. All culinary selections are tailor made to suit the nationality and individual preferences of the diners to create an exciting sequence of dishes designed to enliven and mystify.  At the end of the dinner, the guests are presented with photographs of the dinner which can then be used to compare and contrast with the wild guesses and the impressions of the diners. Each diner is presented with a token signifying the experience, a tangible memory of the moments spent in the dark. What can be most exciting is the sudden disregard to the mundane rituals of dining. A guest is at complete liberty to prod and poke at their food, sniff at the surrounding scents or even abandon their cutlery altogether. ‘Dining in the dark’ at Cinnamon Wild Yala is a personification of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ flair for exciting and exhilarating experiences, always the first to engage their clients with memorable, lasting experiences.  The lights are out. Let your senses run wild.